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European partnership to teach cinema – 2021

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Film critical workshop Marseilleveyre high school

Marseille – France

Atelier critique de film

Film criticals for radio : a training workshop run by Vincent Thabourey, from Cinemas du Sud

Vincent Thabourey, screenwriter, critic at the magazine Positif, author of Marseille, mise en scènes, and president of Cinemas du Sud led a training workshop for critics. The short film chosen by Vincent was La fugue, by Jean-Bernard Marlin (2013). The goal for each student was to write a radio column, argued, attentive to the issues, intentions and technical choices of the director. We then recorded each of the reviews. The sound we offer is a 1-minutes collage, composed of snippets of criticism, to mix the voices of the students and give a glimpse of a rich and joyful session. You can also listen to 9 full reviews and find that opinions differed and that La fugue aroused acceptance as a refusal, perfectly fulfilling its role of “awakening of consciousness”.

Collage des 9 critiques de film

by Lycée Marseilleveyre | La fugue, de Jean-Bernard Marlin (2013)

Atelier critique de film