We are filmakers - Erasmus+

Un partenariat européen pour enseigner le cinéma – 2021
European partnership to teach cinema – 2021

Drareic - Direction régionale académique des relations européennes, internationales et de la coopération
Programme Erasmus + - Union européenne
Région Sud Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur - France

The workshops

Workshop “Minute please!”

Workshop “Minute please!”

Passed or not, the “Lumière minute” is the exam for apprentice filmmakers. 120 years after the beginnings of cinema, it was normal that the exercise was part of We are filmakers’ approach.

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We hope that our actions will enable our high school students to:

  • form a jury of enlightened critics, capable of awarding a european youth prize to the FID Marseille 2022;
  • collectively make a poetic and documentary film about an ideal european city, at the crossroads of Madrid, Thessaloniki and Marseille.
    But above all, we hope that physical mobility will take place…


Critical look

High school students refine their gaze through local actions, exchanges during virtual mobility but above all thanks to the physical mobility that brings students together in partner cultural places: at the Cineeteca in Madrid, at the Thessaloniki International Festival, at the Marseille Film Festival and, with the support of the Southern Region, at the Cannes Film Festival. These are moments of collective work, in teams composed of high school students from the 3 countries who see the same films at the same time and in exceptional conditions.



As long as real mobility is impossible, students film their city, following identical instructions in the 3 countries, supervised by cultural trainers. Then, when it is possible to meet in Thessaloniki, Madrid and Marseille, the international teams of high school students will make a film together about their ideal European city.

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