We are filmakers - Erasmus+

A european partnership to teach cinema – 2021

Drareic - Direction régionale académique des relations européennes, internationales et de la coopération
Programme Erasmus + - Union européenne
Région Sud Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur - France

WE ARE FILMAKERS is an educational experiment conducted in 3 european countries aimed at high school students. Its principle is to involve schools and prestigious cultural partners to co-build cinema education with the aim of experimenting, evaluating and referencing good practices.

Among the three partner countries, France, Greece and Spain, France has a longer experience of teaching cinema, in its content and terms, documented by official programmes, instructions and recommendations.
This is why the Marseilleveyre High School and the FID Marseille, with the support of the Regional Academic Delegation for European, International and Cooperation (Drareic) of the Paca Academic Region and the Southern Region (Région Sud) are initiating the WE ARE FILMAKERS experience in its Critical Look and film directing and have submitted a project approved by the agency ERASMUS+.

We have dreams…

We do not yet know where the experience will take us, teachers, trainers and pupils, but we hope that it will help to disseminate and enrich a vital teaching to train the European citizens of the 21st century: that of cinema.

At the local level

The pairs imagine adapted actions to the health situation and the time they have with the students. These actions, sometimes common to the 3 countries, are evaluated, especially by students who indicate their level of satisfaction and the skills in which they have progressed.

At European level

Thanks to real and virtual mobility, students join forces in transnational teams and carry out projects supervised by cultural trainers.


Workshops/meetings trip in Thessaloniki


Workshops/meetings trip in Marseille




Lycée Marseilleveyre
International film festival Marseille
Lycée Tessaloniki
Thessaloniki film festival
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